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September 2007 Appointment of Chief Executive Officer [202 Kb]

Media Release - Four New Graudates May 2008 [3.45 Mb]

Graduate Profile May 2008 - Holly Charity [3.51 Mb]

Graduate Profile May 2008 - Merryn Rogan [3.37 Mb]

Graudate Profile May 2008 - Patrick Jennings [3.09 Mb]

Righteous Pups 18 Sep 2008 [932 Kb]
LOCAL charity organisation Righteous Pups is $5000 better off thanks to a donation from Strategem Financial Group. As part of its philanthropic arm, the accounting firm was looking to donate to a local charity.

Women mean business Sep 2008 [3.15 Mb]
Strategem is leading the way with a dynamic team of 10 female accounting professionals who help central Victorian women achieve their financial goals everyday and make time for the things that really matter!

Graduate Profile May 2008 - Melanie Good [3.44 Mb]

Clash of the Suits [272 Kb]
IN THE FIGHT: The Strategem team is pleased their leg work is paying off for the battle.

Righteous Pups article 8 August 2008 [129 Kb]
A $5000 donated cheque got a paw print of approval from Astro the autism assistance pup at the Civic Gardens yesterday.

Press Release - Strategem Community Foundation [432 Kb]
Presentation of $5000 Community Fundation Grant to the Bendigo Special Developmental School.

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Monthly Market Watch February 2013 [277 Kb]

State of Markets Letter [108 Kb]

Bendigo Strategem Winemakers Festival 31 March 2013 [1.89 Mb]

Monthly Market Watch March 2013 [320 Kb]

Strategem Financial Group March Newsletter 2013 [2.39 Mb]

Monthly Market Watch July 2013 [317 Kb]

Monthly Market Watch August 2013 [388 Kb]

Monthly Market Watch June 2013 [313 Kb]

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Monthly Market Watch May 2013 [314 Kb]

Monthly Market Watch April 2013 [393 Kb]


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Strategem Newsletter March 2014 [649 Kb]

Monthly Market Watch March 2014 [1.17 Mb]

Monthly Market Watch April 2014 [366 Kb]

Monthly Market Watch May 2014 [366 Kb]

Press Release - Strategem & Amicus [130 Kb]